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  • "There are only a few holy grail products in the beauty world, and Agnes/BeautyTerm is the holy grail when it comes to beauty translations. We’ve worked with her for years and have never had anything other than an easy, seamless, and pleasant experience. Even with last minute asks and extremely quick turnarounds, Agnes has always been able to come through in spades. Thank you Agnes!"

    Erin Global Brand Manager, Revitalash
  • "Agnes and her team are the translators you need in your corner when the deadline pressure builds up. They are quick, diligent, and have phenomenal attention to detail. They always go above and beyond what was asked, all with a great, friendly, professional attitude. I would recommend Agnes and her team to anyone in the beauty industry looking for a reliable team of translators."

    Suad Brand Manager, living proof
  • “I have been working with Beautyterm on Novexpert translations for 3 years. It is always very pleasant to be able to talk to Agnes and Joann, analyze the appropriateness of English word choices by comparison to their French sources and truly communicate about our translation needs… No translation can be perfect on the first try; the entire process is highly subjective. I think that working with Beautyterm rather than with a large company is more personal and therefore more effective (for Novexpert of course).”

    Coralie Marketing & Communications Manager, Novexpert Laboratories
  • “As a global skincare company, Indeed Lab relies on Agnes Meilhac and her team to not only provide translations in multiple languages, but to collaborate and guide us in beauty specific terminology. Beautyterm finds the right wording that best conveys the intended meaning in each language every time.”

    Raquel Marketing Communications Manager, Indeed Labs
  • “We turned to Beautyterm to meet our translation needs in multiple languages and are very pleased with their responsive, reliable and attentive manner of handling our projects. They work quickly and efficiently. The quality of their translations has always met if not exceeded our expectations. We would highly recommend Beautyterm to other companies.”

    Alexander Founder & CEO, Alpeor
  • “Beautyterm is always reliable, prompt and incredibly helpful!”

    Hannah Votary
  • “I’ve worked with Beautyterm for about two years now, and it has been an incredible pleasure. They’ve been in charge of all the translations in our communication platforms including the website and packaging. I can’t stress how important it was to find the right partners in this delicate and complex area of work—we couldn’t dream of a better business partner. Beautyterm team delivers high–quality material based on their extensive knowledge of communication in the cosmetics industry—they have a great eye on what works and what may sound strange in a foreign language so that your communication is very smooth and well written. On top of it they deliver on time which is very much appreciated since their work comes at the last moment of the development process. Highly recommended!”

    Danuta Founder & CEO, Cotarde
  • “Beautyterm is a truly reliable agency allowed to deliver high qualitative work in short timing. Plus, it always a pleasure to exchange with Agnes and Joann. We strongly recommend this agency.”

    Keo Packaging Artwork Manager, Bulgari
  • “Beautyterm has been an extremely valuable partner for all of our international translation needs. They take the time to truly understand our brand, our needs, and deliver the translations catered to exactly what we are looking for, with a quick turnaround. The team is extremely reliable, consistent, prompt, and have been available to us at any time – and are more than happy to help! I can’t thank or recommend Beautyterm enough!”

    Danielle Marketing Operations & Project Manager, YBFB
  • “Beautyterm has been serving as NUORI’s primary translation agency for over two years now. We have been very happy with their rapid response times and general flexibility. I can warmly recommend Beautyterm to any company with translation needs within then beauty industry.”

    Jasmi Founder & CEO, Nuori
  • “Beautyterm is our go-to resource for all of our translation service needs. They always go above & beyond to make sure our translations needs are met, and are always available to us whenever we need them. If you are looking for a professional, courteous & highly personalized translations service for your global marketing collateral, I recommend you give Beautyterm a try!”

    Kevin Sr. Manager of Production, DevaCurl
  • “Beautyterm / Beautélogie truly understands the beauty industry and our brand voice. Our translations are consistently performed at the same high levels each and every time. We cannot recommend them highly enough.”

    Samantha Operations and Product Development Coordinator, Skyn Iceland
  • “I thoroughly recommend Beautyterm / Beautélogie for all professional translation needs in the beauty industry. They have been a valuable partner in creating compelling translations for our products.”

    Janice Marketing Analyst, dr jart
  • “Having clear, customized translations is crucial for a business trying to succeed internationally. We trust Beautyterm to deliver the translations we need, quickly and reliably.”

    Kate Art Director, Patchology 

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