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The beauty industry is one of the most innovative and dynamic industries to drive global economy.  Its economic and social contributions include: adding jobs, reducing trade deficits, driving innovation through high R&D investment, helping small business owners thrive and including women with diverse backgrounds (women account for nearly 75% of all industry employment and 61% of management positions).

Traditionally, skincare, hair care, makeup, fragrances, toiletries and deodorants, and oral cosmetics have been the main product categories of the cosmetic market. With the largest share of any category, the skin care market makes up about 30% of all cosmetics. Hair products are second (25%) and color cosmetics third most popular (20%), while fragrances represent about 10% and personal care products about 15% of sales.

But in the recent years, the lines have become blurred on many levels. Consumers now look for novelty in both exclusive curated brands and in the masstige offer (inexpensive but marketed as luxury), in spa experiences at home and in products that combine beauty, health and wellness.

Beatyterm Beautélogie is fortunate to count representatives from all areas of beauty in its portfolio. We are familiar with all distribution channels, whether ecommerce, direct selling, supermarkets, specialty stores, pharmacies or salons. And we are able to service clients with proactive solutions that meet the specific needs of established players and industry disruptors.

Most importantly, our company understands and is ready for the unique challenges that come with the recently changing industry boundaries, new consumer behavior and overlapping developments in technology and beauty.

  • “Having clear, customized translations is crucial for a business trying to succeed internationally. We trust Beautyterm to deliver the translations we need, quickly and reliably.”

    Kate Art Director, Patchology 
  • “I thoroughly recommend Beautyterm / Beautélogie for all professional translation needs in the beauty industry. They have been a valuable partner in creating compelling translations for our products.”

    Janice Marketing Analyst, dr jart

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