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We may be translation consultants but rest assured that translation is not the only thing that interests us.  As a matter of fact, we like to keep tabs on cosmetic industry figures because they give good insight and help us see the bigger picture (not just the computer screens in front of us)!

Recently, we came across pertinent information about the makeup market.  We would like to share it with you!

According to an NPD survey, in 2012, 47{a90358b3d22285dff1cef76e5c6aa9eb1ae02cec3cd958374aa9f55e09b778b8} of women bought their makeup from mass merchants, 46{a90358b3d22285dff1cef76e5c6aa9eb1ae02cec3cd958374aa9f55e09b778b8} purchased from drugstores, 36{a90358b3d22285dff1cef76e5c6aa9eb1ae02cec3cd958374aa9f55e09b778b8} bought from beauty specialty stores, and 12{a90358b3d22285dff1cef76e5c6aa9eb1ae02cec3cd958374aa9f55e09b778b8} made their purchases online.

The market research firm NPD Group also reports an 11{a90358b3d22285dff1cef76e5c6aa9eb1ae02cec3cd958374aa9f55e09b778b8} increase in the sales of prestige cosmetics brands between 2010 and 2012.

In 2012 prestige makeup represented 40{a90358b3d22285dff1cef76e5c6aa9eb1ae02cec3cd958374aa9f55e09b778b8} of total cosmetics sales although that percentage seems to fluctuate widely by makeup category: generating  51{a90358b3d22285dff1cef76e5c6aa9eb1ae02cec3cd958374aa9f55e09b778b8} of sales in face-product sales and only 3{a90358b3d22285dff1cef76e5c6aa9eb1ae02cec3cd958374aa9f55e09b778b8} of sales in nail products.  If you’d like to find out more, go to this link:


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