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Oui the People is an Indie brand that has been basking in a surge of well-deserved attention. It was in fact recently named by the online research firm Spate as one of the top-searched Black-owned beauty brands on Google (up 1,150%). Originally founded in 2015 as Oui Shave to promote a luxury shaving experience, the brand and its founder, Karen Young, decided to build out beyond that category.

Karen is a seasoned professional with years of experience with luxury fashion brands and Estée Lauder among others. She has been outspoken about her journey as a Black woman and a Black founder, sharing her thoughts on a range of topics including personal experience of racism in the workplace and ways to be aware of biases and help improve our society. We are proud to be working with Karen and urge everyone visiting our website to follow her on Instagram.  Also, please watch her touching post below:

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