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No “tabulated solutions”!

Even if many clients know that translation is not word for word substitution, most translation agencies still peddle their services on a per word basis that grossly underestimate the required time, effort and skills. The finished product will always “feel like a translation”. With Beautyterm, you get what you pay for! Professional, expert translations and linguistic consulting services straight from veteran language specialists and without the intermediary of a third party. The work of our cosmetic translators reads the way you intended it to. We provide comprehensive project management that fosters creativity, precision, terminological consistency and cultural relevance in an environment conveying beauty through language. Flair, elegance and style, in addition to in-depth knowledge of the beauty industry, are a prerequisite for adapting marketing copy for the skincare, makeup and beauty sector.

What we offer:

  • Linguistic, editorial and cultural analysis, consulting and recommendations
  • Strategic planning: definition of goals, strategies and resources, budget recommendations, evaluation of results
  • Development of multilingual communication: adaptation, localization and translation, copywriting and editing to produce well-crafted, artfully worded marketing and advertising copy
  • Communication integration and quality management: connecting multilingual communication across multiple cultural platforms to create a holistic and unified view of the brand
  • Product name research and development: assistance in creating memorable product names that hold appeal for the target audience
  • Compilation of term bases, terminology streamlining / standardization: client-specific terminology research to ensure consistency, reliable results and keep track with latest trends (neologisms, buzzwords, catchphrases, niche jargons).
  • Desktop publishing: typesetting, formatting and conversions (replacing source text with target text while maintaining layout, post–DTP QA checks or content check, currency / measurement conversions).

It has been a real pleasure working with Beautyterm. We have finally found a team that has the necessary skills and specific expertise needed for the beauty sector. This is a true advantage for an international company that wishes to maintain brand DNA through its communication strategy. With every project, the Beautyterm team has shown flawless professionalism and provided us with valuable advice and expertise. They are meticulous in their work and in tune with our needs and expectations. I would highly recommend them.

Capucine V., VIVESCENCE see more testimonials ››