LMS Implementation

In addition to the individual services we provide, we can also help you develop your own language management strategy, based on your company’s unique needs and ready for in-house implementation.


It is defined as ‘the planned adoption of a range of techniques to facilitate effective communication with clients and suppliers abroad.’

The LMS can include any combination of the following measures:

  • creation of websites with special cultural and/or linguistic adaptations;
  • use of linguistic audits;
  • use of professional translators/interpreters;
  • product or packaging adaptation in line with local tastes and customs;
  • translation of promotional, sales and/or technical materials;
  • language training and cultural briefing schemes;
  • use of local agents to solve language problems;
  • etc.

Two studies conducted in Europe have found that success in international trade is linked to developing effective language management strategies (LMS).

The ELAN Survey (2006) concluded that higher performance in international trade is associated with four factors, one of which has to do with the company’s approach to language issues in new markets.

The PIMLICO Report (2011) found that 41% of European SMEs experienced a significant increase in their turnover (more than 25%) after implementing measures to ensure effective and proficient multi-language communication.

Come to us with your multilingual communication needs and we will work hard to provide a personalized solution, just for you.