Translation / Localization

Do you think translating is about replacing words between languages? Where is the beauty in that?

When we translate your existing cosmetic copy, we do not substitute words one by one, like a commodity.  We do the job right because we rewrite it – and we do it beautifully. We apply the same care, diligence and focus to translation as you do to writing.

Our approach is unique –consider it copywriting in a different language. The experienced language professionals we employ will make every effort to ensure that your translated marketing and communication materials are compelling, engaging, well-written and filled with beauty…

Our team will apply extensive market knowledge and beauty industry knowhow to fulfill one goal: selling your products.

We typically work on:

Traditional printed documentation:
new product press packs and press releases, taglines, product names, product brochures, leaflets, catalogues, sales sheets, packaging and labels, ad copy, questionnaires and surveys, training manuals, market studies, clinical trial reports, etc.

Online marcomm tools:
blogs, websites, social media marketing content, etc.

Direct response materials:
direct mail and e-mail marketing messages.

Oral communications:
speeches, sales pitches, presentations, proposals, podcasts, TV and radio scripts, etc.