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Beautyterm Interview by PRIMERTBR

Do you want to know more about Beautyterm?  Why and how the company came into existence?  Why is translation and localization important to building brand awareness? How does globalization, research and development, and advertising impact the role of the translator?

Click on this link and read the PRIMERTBR interview with Beautyterm founder Agnes Meilhac to get your answers!

Primer is an industry publication addressing and analyzing public policy and business topics defining the future of the beauty industry.


PRIMERTBR Interview with Beautyterm April 2015





Lorraine Massey started working in a hair salon as a teenager. As her career progressed and she cut hair in salons around the world, she realized that no one knew what to do with curly hair. Lorraine opened Devachan Salon in the chic NYC neighborhood of Soho, and curly girls began to flock to her in droves. Over time, Lorraine cultivated a team of curl-focused hair professionals, a collection of products called DevaCurl, and a massive following of curly-headed devotees.


Cosmetagora 2014

Organized by the French Society of Cosmetology, Cosmetagora 2014 took place once again at Espace Champerret.  Joann was present to say hello to some of our old friends and satisfy her curiosity regarding the latest developments and innovations in raw materials, textures, new technologies and toxicological testing.

Last year Cosmetagora welcomed 142 exhibitors and 2000 visitors eager to learn about new trends in the French cosmetic industry.  We bring you some of our highlights from the event.