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We have provided French-langauge translation for product packaging to TruAura, a dynamic young brand that has introduced 25 SKUs and generated 600% growth quarter over quarter since its inception in 2018. Its combined following on social media now exceeds 30,000 across platforms. We are excited to accompany this brand as it continues to grow and evolve.

TruAura offers a line of probiotic skincare products that use good-for-you pre- and probiotic ingredients to improve the skin’s health inside and out. Probiotics balance the skin by strenghtening its barrier effect and microbiome, i.e. the community of bacteria that act as the skin’s first line of defense against negative environmental irritants. By boosting resident bacteria, probiotics help produce antimicrobial peptides that benefit the skin’s natural immune response and help eliminate harmful organisms. A strong, well-balanced microbiome results in suppler, more radiant skin and healthier complexion.

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