Language learning apps and more

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Do you travel a lot for business and have that extra motivation to explore the world of foreign languages? There is a huge number of apps that will teach you the basics. You can find any number of articles online that will review the most popular options. And of course, there is Google Translate, which everyone knows, and seems to be using to some extent.

But a word of caution! While Google Translate is helpful in deciphering the meaning of informal, on-the-go communication, it should under no circumstances be used in the translation of any form of copy that will appear in print or online publications.

Google Translate can be used as a simple (very simple) lookup tool but is quickly overwhelmed by more complex and creative tasks, especially in the field of marketing: “body-contouring care” comes out as “soin de corps-contournement” instead of “soins minceur”…

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